Hunny-Do Ranch

Grass-fed beef

A Little Bit About How We Started

Got into beef cows in 2005 and our herd has grown each year.  I finally convinced hubby that it might be a good idea to have a nurse cow and it spiraled from there!

We got our first jersey cow in February of 2007 as a rescue cow that was neglected and very underfed.  She had been milking for over 2 years and we just had to bring her home with us.  We dried her off and gave her the winter to put on some weight.   As her condition improved she started cycling and we put her in with our bull.  She had a heifer calf on February 17, 2008.  Kira raised her calf and was also milked to feed our Holstein steers.  Kira is easier to handle than a dog and in 2007 we brought her in the Hixon community fall fair parade dressed as a hula girl with a grass shirt, a bikini top, leis and her toes painted with sparkles.  She took it all in stride and loved every child and adult petting her.

We got hooked on the breed and now have a herd of jersey cows.

We started drinking raw milk and noticed a difference in our health and enjoy the taste of real milk; we have not looked back.  Since we have been on the raw milk our stomach problems have gone away and we don't get sick very often anymore.

Since we enjoy having a family cow or 3 or 10 we now sell family milk cows.

Our cows (actually all of our animals) are raised on natural pastures free from chemicals and hormones are never used

In 2008 we raised some pigs for the freezer.  We fed them grain soaked in milk, veggies, and garden scraps.  It is the best pork we have ever had and decided we would raise a few pigs every year to sell.

All dairy products come from our cows raised on pasture. Most of our cows are Jerseys who produce rich, creamy milk. All of our cows are lovingly raised by us, and all have names. We consider them members of our family.