Hunny-Do Ranch

Grass-fed beef

Grass-fed - Grass-finished

Beef sides available custom cut and wrapped at a Government licenced facility.

$5.50 per pound.  Sizes of sizes range from 150-380 pounds.

Our beef is dry-aged by the butcher the traditional way, for 10-14 days.

         What's NOT in our meat:

  • no growth promoting hormones
  • no antibiotics in our cattle feed 
  • no pesticides or herbicides used on our fields 
  • no chemical fertilizers used on our fields
  • no feedlot confinement ever
  • no genetically modified crops
  • no grain or corn


        What's in our beef:

  • natural pasture in the summer on our farm
  • natural hay in the winter
  • salt
  • mineral

We also have jersey steers available for butcher as well.  Perfect amount of meat for the average family.  They are lean, tender and strictly grass fed as well.

$5.50 per pound hanging weight
$6.50 hamburger per pound


From Field to Plate